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Kingfishers Archive 2017-2018

Term 3

Following our exciting visit to the Tower of London, we created tourist leaflets and guides, using persuasive language. This work used computer skills to combine text and images in eye-catching designs. In our topic work we looked at Viking Settlements in Britain, producing information leaflets on Viking artefacts. In art and design we recreated Viking shields, using bold colours and abstract designs. Recently, in ICT, the children have been using the Sherston website to learn about sequencing instructions and programming. Some special days were had when the children enjoyed a French breakfast in class, in which all the food had to be ordered in French, and  a science day, in which the children designed their own experiments to test which paper towel was the most absorbent. We have consolidated our maths skills by reviewing and revising all the mastery maths skills acquired over the year. The hot weather has been enjoyed in the swimming pool, where the children have enjoyed water-polo and competitive races. Well done to the Year 3s for their silver medals in the recent Swimming Gala. In English, we finally finished our work on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and we were able to offer alternative endings to the story, by asking “What might happen next?” The children made cakes and biscuits for the Summer Fair. In science we discovered how sounds are made and transmitted, and made a string telephone – it actually works!

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Term 2

It has been another very busy term in the Kingfishers classroom this spring. Immediately on returning from half-term, we turned our attention to finding out about scientists and inventors for our school assembly. We came up with our own inventions and had a competition to decide the greatest British inventor of all time

In our topic work we looked at important British landmarks. In art and design we developed our 3D and perspective drawing skills. Recently, in ICT, the children have been learning to code, using the Scratch website (available online from home also). The children have responded well to new levels of challenge in maths, especially tackling unfamiliar problems, using reasoning skills. In our newspaper work, we have had some sensationalist reporting of disasters befalling Fen Ditton School in particular – fires, earthquakes, even tidal waves. Usually the children survive in these accounts – the teachers are not always so lucky. Some special days were had when the children learned about Chinese New year or had a visit from the author Jack Trelawney. A very exciting trip to the Tower of London was postponed – but is due to take place on May 18th – better late than never!

Also, the children enjoyed decorating and glazing their own egg-cups in time for Easter.







Term 1

It has been a busy term for the Kingfishers. In our topic work, we learned about the collaboration between Quentin Blake (illustrator) and Roald Dahl. The children recreated art works in the style of Quentin Blake. We also created our own abstract mosaics. Our science work focused on different sorts of rocks, their origins and properties. Many children had fascinating fossils to bring in. We learned about the pioneering work of the little known Mary Anning, who discovered some of the most important fossils ever found.

Our maths work concentrated on multiplication and division, especially on applying these in new and unfamiliar contexts. In P.E. we created dance sequences based on natural disasters, such as tsunami and volcanoes. We studied Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’ in detail, and this led to the children creating their own humorous poems and fairy-tales ‘in reverse’, imagining events seen from the points of view of the traditional villains!

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