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Peacocks Archive 2017-2018

Term 3

Over the summer term the children have really enjoyed learning about castles, knights and dragons.  As part of this topic we listened to and wrote fairy tale stories including The Princess and the Pea.  We enjoyed a class trip to Mountfitchet Castle and in art we made junk model castles, thinking about the different features of a castle.

In science we focused on scientists & inventors, senses and healthy eating.  We used the senses of smell, touch, see and hear when exploring different types of sensory plants.  We discussed healthy food and designed and made a sandwich, inspired by the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  We also investigated which materials would keep us warm.

Our second topic was the seaside – past and present.  We investigated an old suitcase and explored the items inside.  As part of our learning we found out what it was like in the past and discussed the natural and manmade geography of the seaside.

In Maths the children have been continuing their learning of place value and have also learned about fractions, telling the time, multiplication and division and money. 

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Term 2

The spring term has been full of fun learning opportunities for the Peacocks.  In science we focused on seasonal changes and plants.  They learned about different types of plants, flowers and trees and enjoyed a visit from a Plant Scientist.  We planted broad beans and kept a diary of how they changed as they grew.  Linked to our explorers’ topic, we tested different ways to melt ice and timed which melted the ice the quickest.

As part of our explorers topic, the children learned about famous explorers including Christopher Columbus, Robert Falcon Scott and Neil Armstrong.  They wrote diaries about life on board a ship and designed and made a sail. We also enjoyed a visit from the British Antarctic Survey.  They talked about their life and work in Antarctica and also brought in some of their equipment and clothes for the children to try on. 

In Maths the children have been continuing their learning of place value and calculation.  They have also explored 2D and 3D shapes.

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Topic Peacocks

Term 1

The autumn term has been busy for the Peacocks. They have been learning about animals (including humans) and everyday materials in science.  They learned about the five senses and how we use these and grouped animals based on their features or what they eat.   We then moved on to everyday materials; investigating different types of materials, what materials different objects were made from and the properties of different materials. We conducted an experiment to see which materials would make a good umbrella for Ted.

As part of our Superhero topic, the children undertook challenges in their learning to free Super Sparkle who had been captured by Evil Ernie.  In addition, they created superhero city sky scenes in art.  During the first part of the term they also enjoyed Forest School with Toni.

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